Published on:
02. Februar 2024
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Health trends 2024

From Epi Food to Period Positivity to Terrapy – everything you need to know about the latest health trends in 2024.


Healthy, happy and vital in every stage of life - who among us doesn't want that? And that is exactly what the health trends that will accompany us in 2024 are aimed at. At the heart of all the different approaches is one thing above all: a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

Epi Food. Already a topic for several years, Epi Food is becoming more and more important thanks to current research and will undoubtedly be one of the major health and food trends in 2024. Based on the findings of epigenetics, this trend deals with how one can positively influence one's own genetics and predisposition with the help of special foods. The key factor here is the intestinal microbiome, i.e. the intestinal flora with its up to 1,000 different bacteria, which differ from person to person and have a decisive influence on our health, our immune system, our skin and our general well-being. In order to best support intestinal health and thus the entire body, an epigenetic diet completely avoids sugar, wheat flour, cow's milk and all foods that contain these three components. Instead, plant-based alternatives such as almond milk, coconut blossom sugar, but also spelt flour, buckwheat flour and quinoa are increasingly being used.

Period positivity. The positive attitude towards one's own body and a holistic lifestyle also includes the female cycle and menstruation, which is still partly subject to taboos. It is thanks in particular to the new young generation that these taboos are now gradually being broken down and health restrictions that can accompany periods are being discussed, as are more sustainable hygiene products. Following the period positivity concept, the woman's cycle is no longer seen as a deficit, but rather as an opportunity to deal more closely with one's individual needs and hormones and to use them for oneself and one's own well-being. After all, hormones can be health powerhouses that should not be underestimated.

Mental Health. The importance of mental health is also becoming increasingly important, and 2024 will be the year in which we focus more on our mental well-being. Meditation, mindfulness and stress management are no longer seen as just lifestyle trends, but as essential components of a healthy lifestyle. Breath work and breathing techniques are also in the same vein, serving as health and focus boosters for more energy, balanced blood pH values, increased lung power and better focus.

Terrapy. The fourth health trend, Terrapy, illustrates how much the health of each individual depends on the health of our planet. According to the future research institute, there is a constantly growing need to live healthily and to do good for the environment with one's own lifestyle. From holistic treatment methods to education about the connections between climate protection and health, Terrapy is already being practiced by individuals in everyday life and is slowly being integrated into the health sector, but there is still a need for greater awareness, especially in the public health sector, to support people in demonstrating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and developing the ability to be climate resilient.


Conclusion: As different as all these trends are, HEALTH is also a top priority this year and covers all areas - from intestinal flora to gender-specific aspects such as the menstrual cycle and mental health to a healthy planet.