We are Medicusan

Our story

The original knowledge of the various healing powers of plants and herbs is deeply rooted in our family, as is modern science and medicine. A perfect interplay between these two areas enables us to combine the tried and tested knowledge with the most modern technology of today and thus extract the most valuable from nature and prepare it in the best possible way for the body.

Together with experienced doctors, phytopharmacologists and molecular biologists, we develop high-quality nutritional supplements that are carefully and sustainably manufactured in Austria and meet the highest standards. We stand by this with our quality promise.

CEO Peter Zechner

“It is particularly important to our family business that our recipes promote the health of our children just as much as that of our grandparents.”

Peter Zechner

Our values


Our joy of life and passion drive us and can be found in all our products, because Health is Happiness.


We are bold in everything we do and break new ground to create something unique and innovative.


The greatest luxury lies in nature. That is why we combine the highest quality natural and most modern active ingredients.

Our promises.
Naturalness. Purity. Sustainability.

KinderÄlterer HerrFamilie

To our customers

Whether for young or old - our primary goal is to create a perfect product for our community and our family in terms of optimally coordinated active ingredients, purity and quality of the raw materials. We promise to coordinate and combine the most valuable plant and herbal extracts in all their purity in our products, whereby pesticide-free cultivation is just as important to us as freedom from genetic engineering and gentle and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. All Medicusan products are produced in Austria (company certified according to ISO 22000:2018). The raw materials used are of high quality and their purity is proven by precise analysis certificates. All raw materials, the individual production steps and the finished product are checked using the most modern analysis methods and only then released.

The quality of the raw materials is our highest priority! All of our products are vegan and only contain active ingredients that are actually required. This ensures that every active ingredient is made available to the body in sufficient quantities and is absorbed as best as possible. This is what sets us apart and also significantly distinguishes us from other manufacturers. In order to protect this high quality from external influences such as sunlight over a longer period of time, we only package our products in high-quality Miron violet glass.

Junge FrauÄltere FrauJunge Frau

To nature

An old Indian proverb says that we did not inherit the earth from our parents, but borrowed it from our children. That is why we promise not only to produce our products as sustainably and resource-efficiently as possible, but also to avoid additional packaging and - as far as possible - to use degradable materials in order to make the entire value chain sustainable. For us and for our children.

Unfortunately, we are not yet completely successful in this, but we are constantly striving for improvement. For this reason, we financially support global reforestation projects in order to achieve the greatest possible climate neutrality.