Published on:
25. August 2022
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Violet glass - especially in abundance

Whether in the Chinese tradition, where violet has always been considered a universal color that unites yin and yang, or in ancient Egypt, where valuable oils and essences were already stored in violet glass containers – the color violet has been associated with the Associated with the extraordinary and special, the sublime, so to speak.

The traditional knowledge that biological substances and liquids stored in dark violet glass have a longer shelf life received increased attention in the 19th century, when Jakob Lorber (1800-1864, Graz, Austria) and others increasingly referred to the healing power of sunlight and the special properties of violet glass in his writings.

But how can this effect be explained, far away from mysticism and esotericism?

Sunlight plays an important role here, with a large part of its spectrum being filtered out by the atmosphere and only a certain part reaching the earth's surface. The proportion of light that reaches the earth can be divided into the visible spectrum, which has wavelengths of around 390 - 790 nm, and infrared, ultraviolet and radio waves, which all have shorter wavelengths.

According to the law of quantum physics, the frequency of the electromagnetic wave of light and thus the energy inherent in the individual photon increases the shorter the wavelength. If a specific photon has a high energy, its reactivity also increases, ie it is able to excite a molecule or, in the worst case, destroy it. For example, food oxidizes more quickly due to the molecules excited by light.

UV and violet light have a higher frequency and therefore a larger energy quantum than light with a lower frequency, such as red and infrared. According to the findings of biophoton researcher Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp, ultraviolet and violet light, thanks to this large energy quantum, has a bacteria and virus killing effect on the one hand and a cell repairing and cell regenerating effect on the other.

Preserved & energized.

Violet glass makes use of precisely these properties. Due to its color, it only allows the "useful" visible and invisible ultraviolet, violet and infrared light components to pass through and filters out all other "harmful" components (blue, green, yellow, red) from the light. This creates a unique combination of absolute light protection in the photosensitive, visible spectral range (450-750 nm) and a desired average transmittance in the UV range (25%) and in the infrared spectrum (45%).

According to experts such as Prof. Dr. Jakob Jütz and Dr. Hugo Niggli, the permeability of short-wave UV radiation means that biological substances stored in violet glass are not only better preserved, but also stimulated. This creates a unique, energetically charged environment in the glass, which constantly revitalizes and strengthens the molecular structures of the substances contained.

Benefiting from these advantages, violet glass is particularly popular for high-quality and sensitive natural products such as oils, essences and natural cosmetics. Since this exceptional quality naturally comes at a price, this form of storage is mainly found in the premium range of natural products that are particularly worth protecting. This is also the case with our high-quality nutritional supplements, for whose ingredients only the very best raw materials are used. And for us it is a logical consequence that the best products deserve nothing less than the best packaging.

In the beginning there was light.

As the largest manufacturer, the Miron company has specialized in the production of this very special glass, which is why the Miron brand is now often used as a synonym for violet glass. The beginnings go back to a glassworks in Slovenia, where the Miron company had this special form of packaging made by hand for its own purposes, namely the storage of light-energized sun remedies according to Jakob Lorber. Incidentally, sun remedies are all those natural products that are exposed to sunlight for weeks in order to achieve light enrichment and store the positive powers of the sun (e.g. light globules, poppy flower oil or camphor milk powder). In order to keep these subtle energies at a level for a long time and thus support their shelf life, the Miron company developed a unique form of storage with violet glass.